We don't just love meat but we love veggies too...

We don't just love meat but we love veggies too...

When you think of Pit Brothers BBQ your mind likely turns to cooking meat but our range of premium spice rubs are also the perfect accompaniment to vegetables.

Whether you are cooking the Sunday family roast, or just cooking some vegies for lunch or dinner, our products are a perfect match to give your meal a good 'kick-along'.

Here are just a couple of great 'match-ups' to try:

  • Pit Brothers BBQ Salt Pepper Garlic (SPG) Rub: Our SPG rub is probably one of our most popular products.  Add our SPG barbeque spice mix to any potato or pumpkin dish. Whether you are boiling or roasting these veggies, our BBQ SPG rub will give your dish a real lift, without overpowering the taste of your meal.
  • Pit Brothers BBQ Rosemary Lemon and Sea Salt Rub: As one of our original Pit Brothers BBQ products, this rub has stood the test of time, with other brands now trying to match it. This rub has a fantastic taste and is beautifully aromatic.  It also has a hint of chilli, giving it a nice distinctive flavour.  This is our go to rub for roast dinners.  Simply apply the rub to all of your veggies before roasting.  You will not be disappointed.
  • Pit Brothers BBQ Peri Peri Rub: As another one of our original products, our Peri Peri Rub delivers a wonderful spicy flavour without being too over powering.  Try this rub in your vegetarian curry or even sprinkled over chips for an authentically different and enjoyable taste.

 All of our spices are gluten free and we only use 100% natural products.  So no flavour enhancers.

 Click to view our range of BBQ rubs today and give them a go.

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