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Introducing the Brissie Basters!

To get to know our BBQ teams a little better (and learn some of their tricks…) we asked them a series of questions about how they got together as a team and all things BBQ.

This month, we’ll be sharing with you the answers from the amazing Brissie Basters!

The Brissie Basters are a Brisbane based team consisting of Hilly, Geeza, Chicken Legs Chaseling, Kentucky Kal and Mez. They have competed together since 2015. The Brissie Basters kicked off this years BBQ season in Bundaberg where they managed to pull off a Reserve Grand Champion. They also came away with a very respectable 3rd place in lamb where they used the Pit Brothers BBQ Lamb Rub for their lamb shoulder. Well done guys!

Here is what they had to say:

How did your team meet / get together?

We are a group of work colleagues mostly working in the health care / medical industry.

What is your most memorable competition (good / bad)? Why?:

The most memorable would have to be our 1st place BBQ Sauce at Port Macquarie in 2015. You always remember your first competition and cheque fondly!

Do you have a team motto or saying?

“What happens on Comp Stays on Comp” or “If there ain’t a photo, then it didn’t happen” – the BBQ version of “the one that got away”

Do you have a BBQ tip or trick you would be willing to share?

Reverse searing a tri-tip is a quick and cheap family meal, with flavour to burn. Serve with Chimichurri Sauce!

What’s the best piece of BBQ advice you have ever been given?

When checking doneness of brisket and pork butt, go with how it feels on probing, not the actual temperature. It should probe like butter.


Keep an eye out over the coming months to hear from more of our teams (and pick up a few tips along the way…).