Introducing the Smokin Sappers BBQ Team

To get to know our BBQ teams a little better (and learn some of their tricks…) we asked them a series of questions about how they got together as a team and all things BBQ.

This month, we’ll be sharing with you the answers from our very first sponsored team Smokin Sappers BBQ!

The Smokin Sappers BBQ team are a Brisbane based team consisting of Matthew, Dale, Andrew (and a few others who sub in and out regularly). They have competed together since 2016.

Here is what they had to say:

How did your team meet / get together?

We all met in the Army and have been posted together over the last 20+years. We all love BBQ and just decided to jump in and start competing. We wanted to do something that could help members of the veteran community get out and see and learn new things and the BBQ scene is filled with awesome people. We try to bring veterans to as many comps as we can to get them involved and have a bit of fun. We also do charity cookups for veteran groups and organisations like The 42for42 and mates4mates.


What is your most memorable competition (good / bad)? Why?:

The best was Kilcoy 2017 we got an RGC and a big swag of trophies!

Our worst was Burleigh 2018 storms – horrible conditions.


Do you have a team motto or saying?

#followthesmokinsapper this is a take on an unofficial motto from the war in Afgahnistan of “Follow the Sapper”. Sappers clear the path through dangerous territory and as we are all Sappers we thought it appropriate.


Do you have a BBQ tip or trick you would be willing to share?

(1) Add some Pit Brothers BBQ Classic Meat Jus to your beef injection…


(3) Learn how to use your BBQ before cooking anything expensive!


What’s the best piece of BBQ advice you have ever been given?

Don’t stress, it’s just BBQ, it can’t be rushed take your time and enjoy it!


Keep an eye out over the coming months to hear from more of our teams (and pick up a few tips along the way…).