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Smoker Bricx – Hickory

Smoker Bricx

Smoker Bricx – Hickory 526g

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Pit Brothers BBQ – The Home Of Australian Barbequing

We’ve teamed up with Cleveland Whiskey to bring you a first for the Australian BBQ scene, infused bourbon wood blocks made from premium, barrel finishing, flavour packed chunks of timber.

When you add natural wood to your BBQ fuel, you infuse the unique flavour of that wood right throughout your cook-up and produce a tasty crust, or ‘bark’ onto its surface, just like the professionals do. With these premium smoker wood blocks, we’ve gone a step further, using pressure to infuse the solid wood chunks with award winning Cleveland bourbon whiskey.

And when we say premium, we mean premium. There’s no sawdust, bark or fillers in our BBQ wood chunks, just the natural woods we use to make our finishing barrels – choose from hickory, black cherry, American white oak or sugar maple for unique and tasty flavour profiles.

No matter your barbecue style, these wood chunks for smokers, grills and barbeques will take your cook ups to the next level – throw some directly onto BBQ wood coals when grilling or into the smoker box, whichever you prefer.

Pit Brothers BBQ is an Australian owned and based business focused on bringing you the best barbecue products and accessories in the world. You can trust us to help you get the best out of your barbeque experience every single time.

Product Details:

  • Bourbon Infused Smoker & BBQ Wood Block Pack
  • Choose From Five Premium Barrel Woods
  • Natural Wood Blocks For Smokers – Sawdust, Bark & Filler Free
  • For Direct or Indirect Barbequing

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