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Pit Brothers BBQ – The Home Of Australian Barbequing

Enjoy a perfect fire, every time. You may be grilling, perhaps you’re out camping, or possibly you’re simply hanging with friends around a bonfire. In any event, EzyAs natural fire starter sticks are quick to light, easy and mess-free to use, while also being odorless and safe.

EzyAs premium BBQ wood is incredibly practical, highly effective, and easy to use. They light up instantly in any type of weather.

Our charcoal fire starter is made from timber waste resources with no live trees cut. The kindling sticks have zero additives and no nasty chemicals. This way you can be completely assured your choice of firewood starter is not only safe but also clean.

This waterproof fire starter works perfectly regardless of the type of indoor or outdoor fire. These fire sticks are great for indoor fireplaces, barbecue grills, barbecue smokers, campfires, and bonfires. The sticks are supplied in a reusable calico drawstring bag making them simple to transport from one location to another.

EzyAs fire tinder does not flare up, it does not taint the flavor of your food, and it will not make a mess. Two sticks will light your fire simply without toxic odors or the need for kindling or paper.

 Product Details:

  • 100% NON-TOXIC & SUSTAINABLE - Our grill lighters come from a 100% natural and renewable timber waste wood supply. They have no chemicals or any form of additive so they will not taint the taste of your food and are safe to use.
  • CLEAN-HANDLING AND WATERPROOF - This clean-handling BBQ fire starter is completely waterproof and will light up with ease even when wet. 
  • MULTI-USE - EzyAs natural fire starters will work for any kind of fire, whether it’s a BBQ grill, a smoker, an indoor fireplace, a campfire, or a bonfire. Two sticks are enough to light your fire.
  • LIGHT UP THE PERFECT FIRE - Pit Brothers BBQ tinder fire starter sticks make starting fires safe and easy, with no fuel or kindling needed and no dangerous flare-ups to worry about. 
  • SUPPLIED IN REUSABLE CALICO DRAWSTRING BAG - These waterproof fire starters are supplied in a reusable calico drawstring bag so they are easy to transport making them the ideal choice for camping, fishing, and hunting expeditions.

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