Pit Brothers BBQ has sourced some of the best quality gravy in the world. Our mission is to deliver you products that are fresh, rich in flavour and easy to use. Our premium gravy products are big on restaurant quality flavour that will delight everyone from meat lovers to vegans. Our products are packaged in convenient sized, easy to access containers in quantities that deliver great value for money.
Whether you want to add a burst of sumptuous flavour to beef ribs, lamb roast, pulled pork, roast vegetables or chicken fingers, we’ve got your back. Our premium gravy mixes are made from the finest quality ingredients and blends for amazing results every time. Try our delicious BBQ gravy mixes with all your favourite vegetable or meat dishes. The whole family is sure to love the real gravy flavour.



FREE DELIVERY if you purchase more than one BBQ gravy product!
REAL FLAVOUR: Change dinnertime at your house and bring out the natural flavour in all your meat & vegetables with Pit Brothers iconic gravies. An ideal accompaniment for every kind of cooking, roasting, grilling & barbequing under the sun!
A PREMIUM SPICE BLEND: Cook with confidence! Each Pit Brothers blended gravy powder is created from the finest quality ingredients and combines to provide the perfect accompaniment to all your cooking, whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced chef.
ALL PURPOSE GOURMET FOOD: You’re in for a treat with our ultimate gravy mix sampler pack. Whether you’re cooking lamb, beef, chicken or vegetables, we’ve got you covered with our premium gourmet dry gravy mix packs.
QUICK AND EASY RECIPE: To use our instant BBQ gravy powder, simply add 2-4 teaspoons to boiling water and mix well before serving over food. You can also add the dry powder to stocks, soups, stews and casseroles for instant flavour wow-factor.
PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA: We are an Australian business focused on bringing our customers the best BBQ products and BBQ accessories in the world. And now with our gravy packs, we make sure you get the best out of your cooking experience every single time.