At Pit Brothers BBQ we believe that quality fuel is a must to achieve that classic smoked flavour.

  • FREE DELIVERY for all charcoal products!
  • REAL BBQ FLAVORS: Enhance the natural flavour of your barbeque meat and vegetables with Pit Brothers BBQ gidgee wood charcoal and smoking woods. Ideal for every kind of cooking, grilling & barbequing and the secret weapon of backyard cooks all over Australia! 
  • THE PERFECT BARBECUE CHARCOAL: Charcoal made from gidgee wood is hot burning, long lasting and contains no chemical additives. It’s denser than the hardest eucalypt timbers, including ironbark, and is recognised as the best natural charcoal in the world.
  • BROAD PRODUCT RANGE: Choose from a range of products to suit your individual barbequing needs.  We also offer a range of quality smoking woods sourced direct from the US.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA: We are an Australian business focused on bringing our customers the best BBQ products and BBQ accessories in the world. We make sure you get the best out of your barbecue every time you cook.