Competition Blend Oak Smoking Wood Bar-B-Qubes

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Pit Brothers BBQ – The Home Of Australian Barbequing

We’ve teamed up with Mojobricks to bring you Bar-B-Qubes, the world’s finest smoking wood. Our award winning compressed wood chunks are unique in the Australian BBQ scene. So smoke like a pro with these eco-friendly, 100% natural American hardwoods.

When you add natural American hardwood to your BBQ you get real slow smoke and infuse the unique flavour of that wood throughout your cook. Produce a tasty crust, or 'bark’ onto its surface, just like the professionals do. 

And when we say the world's finest smoking wood, we mean it! There are no fillers in our BBQ wood chunks, just natural hardwood - choose from American Oak blend, Mapple (Maple blend), Hickory, Cherry or Apple for unique and tasty flavour profiles.

Bar-B-Qubes can be used in any grill, they are No soak – No mess – No hassle. Place these premium wood chunks directly on the coals just before adding your meat. You can even use oak smoking wood on your gas BBQ grill, just place it on a metal surface or a metal smoker box. On a pellet grill, use it on the heat shield for best results. Our smoking wood chips are so dense they sink in water!

Pit Brothers BBQ is an Australian owned and based business focused on bringing you the best barbecue products and accessories in the world. You can trust us to help you get the best out of your barbeque experience every single time.

Add Smoke Flavours For A Unique BBQ Experience

Oak smoking wood is perfect for those who want to add a subtle flavour to their food. The wood chunks ignite quickly and produce a steady smoke to create a delicate, smoky taste that pairs well with pork, chicken and lamb as well as seafood and vegetables. Oak also burns hot and slow, making it ideal for a longer cook time so you can infuse plenty of flavour without worrying about the fire getting out of control.

Our BBQ oak smoking wood chunks are essential for the pitmaster who wants to take their barbecuing to the next level. Oak is also a good choice for those who are new to smoking, as it is relatively easy to control the level of smoke produced. With our Oak Wood Bar-B-Qube packs, you will be able to enjoy a delicious, smoky flavour for a totally unique BBQ experience.

Product Details:

  • Premium compressed American wood chunks
  • Each Bar-B-Qube is a bar that smokes for 2-3 hours
  • Choose from five Premium smoking woods
  • BBQ Smoking made simple No soak – No mess – No Hassle
  • Eco-friendly 100% Natural Wood Blocks
  • For use on any grill – smoker, gas, pellet
  • Multiple grand champion award winning

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