Bring out the flavour & tenderness of all your BBQ meats and vegetables with Pit Brothers iconic gourmet barbecue rubs. Ideal for every kind of cooking, grilling and barbecuing, our delicious range of BBQ rubs and spices are the secret weapon of backyard BBQ cooks all over Australia!
Pit Brothers BBQ has sourced some of the highest quality spices and seasonings from around the world. Our mission is to deliver you the best BBQ rubs that are fresh, rich in flavour and easy to use. Our products are packaged in convenient sized, easy to access containers in quantities that deliver great value for money. You’ll never have to waste any leftover rub as our gluten free range can be stored in the pantry.

From pulled pork to chicken wings to beef brisket – good meats become spectacular with our delicious range of Pit Brothers BBQ spices and rubs.



BBQ spices and rubs are an essential tool for everyone from backyard BBQ cooks to the professionals. A good rub can be just the thing you need to create tantalizing flavours that will have everyone’s taste buds screaming out for more. But with so many different rubs on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Spices such as smoked paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and onion powder can have vastly different flavour profiles and won’t appeal to every taste.

Here's a quick guide to help you find the best BBQ meat rub for your next cookout.

First, think about the type of meat you'll be cooking. Different meats pair well with different flavours, so you need to find a BBQ spice rub recipe that will complement the taste of your favourite cut. If you’re grilling chicken then you probably don’t want to cover it with a beef rib rub. Even various cuts of the same meat like pork ribs and pork shoulder can benefit from a different spice blend. The right rub will draw out the natural flavours of the meat.

Next, think about the flavour you want to achieve. Do you prefer bold and spicy, or sweet and smoky? BBQ rubs can be made with many different herbs and spices, so decide how much flavour you want before choosing a particular seasoning. A fiery spice blend with chili powder might be too overpowering as a BBQ steak dry rub.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment! Trying new flavours is half the fun of barbecuing so it really comes down to your personal tastes. A sweet heat rub like our peri peri chicken BBQ seasoning can be delicious on a variety of dishes from fish to roasted potatoes or even popcorn. You may choose to combine a few off the shelf rubs with our samplers and gift packs to create a unique taste sensation.

Not all spice rubs for BBQ cooking are the same. Whether you’re grilling or smoking meat, you want an expertly crafted barbecue rub recipe that is sure to create a taste sensation. Pit Brothers BBQ dry rubs for meat are sourced from the best ingredients and each mix has been combined specifically to give you a perfect BBQ experience every time.


Rubs for BBQ cooking are a great way to enhance the flavour of your favourite cut of meat without having to marinate it for hours or even overnight. They're also easy to apply - simply rub the BBQ dry rub into the meat before cooking. Use your hands to massage it in, making sure you’ve got a good layer of rub. To create a wet marinade, mix the BBQ spice rub with your favourite oil, lemon juice or yoghurt and combine well before adding to your ingredients and barbecuing.

Whether you’re barbecuing chicken, pork, beef, lamb or vegetables, the key is to apply the rub evenly, so that every bite is packed with that delicious BBQ taste. For the best results with our Pit Brothers BBQ rubs, we recommend sprinkling a generous amount over the meat, then letting it sit for up to an hour before cooking. This will give the flavours a chance to develop and penetrate into the meat. When you're ready to cook, simply fire up the grill or smoker and cook the meat as usual.

A great rub can make all the difference between dry, bland meat and juicy, flavorful BBQ. So, the next time you're planning a backyard BBQ or a picnic at the park, make sure to give your meat a good rubdown first. Explore our range of Pit Brothers BBQ meat rubs and spices to find the perfect blend to take your cooking to the next level.