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Pit Brothers BBQ – The Home Of Australian Barbequing

Pit Brothers BBQ have created a premium range of meat rubs to suit your ingredients & complement your style of cooking. And now we’ve created this delicious dry rub chicken blend, perfect for every cut and style of chicken. Our spicy chicken rub BBQ seasoning was created with the Mediterranean in mind. Packed with peri peri chillies, smoked paprika, onion powder and other spices that will give your food a delicious punch. You can use our peri peri chicken rub for barbecue chicken drumsticks, grilled chicken breasts, or roasting a whole chicken. Take your taste buds on a trip to Portugal with our iconic peri peri seasoning blend.


Zesty Spice Rub For That Real BBQ Flavour

Also known as the African bird's eye, peri peri chillies are small and fiery hot, with a distinctively citrusy flavour. When used as a BBQ spice rub, peri peri can add a delicious zing to any dish. It is often used to make rubs for grilled meats, such as peri peri chicken. Don't settle for barbecuing with a basic chili powder or cayenne pepper spice mix. Our perfectly blended peri peri hot BBQ rub recipe helps to create a deliciously charred exterior while locking in moisture and flavour. Just add it to your favourite recipe and enjoy the heat!

Our spice rubs aren’t just made for barbeque cooking. When it comes to poultry, our peri peri spice blend is the perfect complement to oven roasted spatchcock, grilled chicken skewers, home made chicken burgers and chicken stir fry. Don't be afraid to get creative! Peri peri spice seasoning can also be used on vegetables, roasted potatoes, or even popcorn. You can add our dry rub chicken BBQ seasoning to yoghurt for a tender Mediterranean style oven bake, or to stews & casseroles for stunning, rich flavour. Our peri peri chicken rub for BBQ complements any chicken, fish and vegetable dishes perfectly.


Not All BBQ Chicken Rub Spices Are The Same

All Pit Brothers dry rubs for meat are sourced from the best quality ingredients and each mix has been combined specifically to deliver the best seasoning regardless of what you are looking to prepare. Choose our spicy BBQ chicken rub and cook with confidence, no matter who is coming to dinner.

When using our barbeque seasoning, we recommend sprinkling a generous amount all over your chicken, fish or vegetables, then let it sit for up to an hour before cooking. If you're grilling chicken legs or chicken thighs, make sure to get some under the skin for extra flavour. To create a wet marinade, mix our barbecue spice rub with your favourite oil, lemon juice or yoghurt & combine well before adding to your ingredients & barbequing.


Product Details:

  • Gluten Free 
  • Peri Peri Blend – Rub & Marinade
  • Delicious Blend of Seasoning, Spices & Herbs
  • Perfect For Chicken, Fish and Vegetables
  • 150g Pack

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