Forget the BBQ tongs and grab our BBQ claws...

Forget the BBQ tongs and grab our BBQ claws...

Pit Brothers BBQ recently added the Wonder Claws to its product line. 

Wonder Claws are the perfect accessory for your cooking.  Whether it is handling meat and food for your barbeque or for your weekend roast, you will come to love the versatility of this nifty product.

Wonder Claws are simple and easy to use.  Ideal for pulling or shredding BBQ beef, BBQ chicken or BBQ pork.  Our claws are also great for handling vegetables as well.  

If you have a pair of wonder claws in your top draw, you will no longer need to rely on forks our tongs to handle your food.

We 'road tested' them recently for a simple Sunday roast and found them perfect for picking up and moving a freshly backed roast leg of lamb cooked with our BBQ Lamb Rub, of course...

So while you are selecting from our range of premium barbeque rubs, smoking woods  or BBQ charcoal.  Why not add a pair of our Wonder Claws into your cart.

Fire Up!


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