Pit Brothers BBQ On Tour - Super Bowl LVII

Pit Brothers BBQ On Tour - Super Bowl LVII

At Pit Brothers BBQ we like to 'get out of dodge' every now and again.

Now that travel has picked back up after the COVID pandemic, we felt it was our duty to head back to the States.  What better way to reaquaint ourselves with one of the greatest BBQ destinations in the world but head along to Super Bowl LVII.

After checking out the 'tail-gate' and sampling some fantastic barbeque, we hit the stadium and saw one of the best Super Bowls of all time.

The Kansas City Chefs came back in the second half 'off the back' of the calm skill of Patrick Mahones, who was also able to retain posession in the final minutes of the game and deliver victory to the Chefs.

It was great to see Kansas City win the 'big dance', as we have also visited that town many years ago to see the Amercial Royal World Series of BBQ.

What a great day and and awsome experience.

If you havn't been to the US, it's time to plan your trip.  It is fantastic place where you are made to feel welcome and will have fun where ever you go.

While you wait for your flight, why not jump onto our site and buy some premium BBQ products and accessories.  That way you can enjoy your BBQ here in Australia before you head across the pacific to enjoy BBQ in the US.

Go 'The Chiefs' and of course: FIRE UP!!

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