An easy way to get an awesome smokey BBQ flavor

An easy way to get an awesome smokey BBQ flavor

Whether you are cooking a steak, sausages or even vegetables on your charcoal or gas BBQ, you can achieve an awesome smokey flavor with the simple addition of our quality Bar-B-Qubes.  These smoking wood cubes are made from compressed wood and contain no chemicals or additives.  Sourced directly from the United States, our smoking wood Bar-B-Ques are produced from the following wood varieties:






So this coming summer, if you want to treat your family or guests to great tasting BBQ food with an authentic smokey flavour, just add a cube (or two) on your burning charcoal or even on top of your gas burner element cover.

At Pit Brothers BBQ we also offer all five products in a sample pack, giving you a 15% saving (Bar-B-Cube Sampler pack).

Buy our premium smoking wood cubes today and set yourself up for summer.



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